Tech Business Developer

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Tech Business Developer

Job description

Your mission as a tech business developer will be to identify and implement new growth opportunities. Your focus will be on creating new opportunities for various business aspects, such as new products, technological advancements, cost reduction, or customer relations.

You will also be in charge of correcting, improving, and scaling promising initiatives that are not getting the expected results. This also includes justifying properly if and when such initiatives should be abandoned.

We are a fintech, and our value proposition relies a lot on our product and technology. You need to love and understand the technology and how it can be combined and rearranged to create new value propositions. This applies to SeQura's own technology, but also it is essential to understand what is out there, what partners we can work with, what other technologies or products adopt, etc.

You will report directly to the Chief Innovation Officer and will have a close relationship with the Tech and Growth (Sales) departments.

Analysis skills

For doing so, you need excellent analytical skills and a deep understanding of technology. You need to analyze numbers and processes, relationships, and technology seeking new opportunities and improvements on top of the legacy systems.

When identifying an opportunity, you need to properly communicate it to the top management and the proper stakeholders to generate confidence and move the initiative forward.


Once an opportunity has been identified, you will be responsible for making it happen. This usually means creating a prototype or an MVP to validate the idea. It requires a hands-on attitude, getting agreements with external providers, negotiating with internal teams, following up on the project, and course-correct when necessary. Be aware that, in general, you will not have a dedicated team to develop the solution but on the contrary you will have to negotiate and convince stakeholders and team leads to contribute their efforts.

Once the idea or prototype has proved its value, you will be responsible for transferring the knowledge and technology to the proper teams or creating a new Product / Tech team that will scale the solution. 

What we offer

  • Competitive salary.
  • Flexible compensation plan (transport, restaurants, ...).
  • Real flexible working hours and remote when needed.
  • A high degree of autonomy.
  • Transparency and open culture.
  • Contribute to and inspire new initiatives and products.
  • A tangible impact on the product and also on the company culture.
  • Free Spanish or English classes.
  • Free drinks and fruits.
  • All the equipment you need to work comfortably. Our standard set-up consists of a stand-up desk, comfy chair, MacBook Pro, and a 27" external display.
  • 23 days of vacation per year + 2 free days.
  • Beautiful office based on a bike-friendly location in Barcelona's center with a big terrace and plenty of nice places nearby.
  • Oh! We don't have a ping-pong table here, but we do encourage you to have a healthy work/life balance so you can play in your free time.

Job requirements

  • Proved experience in a similar position.
  • Deep tech understanding. Tech background education is not a strong requirement, although good to have. In any case, you will need to understand how technology works or have the skills to learn fast and deeply.
  • Experience in finance, payments, or fintech is a plus but not necessary.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills. You will need to defend new initiatives to top management and the teams that need to implement them.
  • Fluent in Spanish is a plus.
  • Good business English level.
  • EU work permit.